Jelena Mila was born Jelena Ivanisevic on November 22, 1968, in Belgrade, to wealthy parents who helped her all the way for a successful career in painting, music, theatre, writing and singing. She studied ballet from 1978 until 1980, learned how to play the accordion and to sing from 1978 until 1984.

Jelena was surrounded with love and tenderness and she could follow her wishes; in fact, she had the support of her parents all the way long. In Jelena's family, you can find singers (sister Sofija), poets, writers, painters, but no actors. At that time acting was unpopular as women profession in Montenegro, where her family comes from.

At the beginning of her life, Jelena Mila did not actually think about acting. She was the best student in the very best Mathematic High School in Belgrade, with lots of medals in that field. But life has strange ways, so, after she finished High School, she chose acting at the University of Drama in Belgrade. Amongst 600 applicants, she was one of the only 12 accepted. It was not a surprise for her, since she started with gymnastics when she was 4 years-old, ballet, when she was 6; played accordion at 11, won first prize in poetry reading, worked as a model at 16 and suddenly she was fully engaged in acting.

Jelena Mila's debut was in 1989 at the Main Stage of the National Theatre in Belgrade, with Cyrano de Bergerac, by Edmond Rostand, directed by the famous theatre director Egon Savin, with Miki Manojlovic as Cyrano.

She took part in Women of Troy, by Greek dramatist Euripides; Style Exercises, by the French poet and writer Raymond Queneau and some other theatre plays, during nine years until 1998. During the same period, Mrs. Mila performed in the City Theatre - Atelje 212 in Belgrade, in the vaudeville The Countess of the Folies Bergere, Lysistrata, by the master of Old Comedy, Aristophanes, in the Group of the Theatre in Belgrade, was another theatre play where Jelena Mila participated with a leading role. She has been a guest actress in other theatres of former Yugoslavia and acted in many children's plays.

She came to Sweden because of pure love, but once in the Scandinavian country, and as of 2000, she performed at the House of Culture in Stockholm with her own monologue Religious trip around the World in 30 minutes. In 2006 she performed in Stockholm at The Royal National Theatre - Dramaten with a leading role in The Seven Cleaners, a modern drama by Jörgen Hjerdt, directed by Åsa Kalmér.

Mila got the best critics after the opening night as ...djärv och spänande... (trns. brave and exciting), for her perfect instinct for acting. Her talent, her great beauty, her charisma and her indifference to public opinion has made her career an outstanding one within the arts.

Jelena is happily married, has two children who take a great deal of attention and love; but Jelena Mila has been able to find time to continue her rising acting career. She is ready  for more challenges and she will certainly take them all.